Bad Kitty Haunted Pub Crawl

Bad Kitty Haunted Pub Crawl meets at Tandem Coffee and Spirits, 223 East Bay St, Savannah, GA 31401

Romantic? Maybe.. Scandalous? Absolutely!

Wickedly spooky ghost stories of love gone horribly wrong! Enjoy haunted pubs, a creepy real cemetery and more!

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Bad Kitty Pub Crawl

Love hurts – and sometimes it kills! These haunted locations have ghosts resulting from infidelities, indiscretions and naughty behavior.

You will also learn some of Savannah’s dark secrets as you walk along the haunted cemetery, and learn why we are haunted by the souls who haven’t quite moved on.

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Bad Kitty Haunted Pub Crawl

Bad Kitty Haunted Pub Crawl meets at Tandem Coffee and Spirits, 223 East Bay St, Savannah, GA 31401


The Bad Kitty haunted pub crawl is an unforgettable and spooky way to enjoy gorgeous Savannah, Georgia!

Discover the Hostess City’s most salacious and fun ghost stories with our amazing guides. Don’t forget to order your booze ‘to-go’ and drink out on the streets like a local! Explore a variety of Savannah’s favorite bars and pubs. We visit swanky places with amazing mixology and the most creative and fun dives in the city!

We meet in beautiful Tandem Coffee and Spirits, the map to Tandem is on this page. As we stroll to haunted bars don’t forget that Savannah is one of the few cities that allows you to openly carry and consume alcoholic beverages in public. Just ask your bartender to pour your drink ‘to-go!’

Each bar we visit includes an eerie story of its haunted past!

Our commitment to quality, research and historical accuracy means you are experiencing more than just a paid actor giving you a glorified campfire story. The Bad Kitty Haunted Pub Crawl goes to bars that have researched haunts, using historical accounts and first hand experience to bring the story of scandalous, notorious ghosts vividly to life.

Bad Kitty is unabashed fun! This is a fantastic tour for visitors looking for a great time in Savannah, those looking for a way to relax and enjoy the true meaning of Southern hospitality.

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