Haunted Savannah- Another Theory to Explain All the Damned Ghosts

There are multiple reasons given as to why Savannah is renowned for it’s ghost activity. City built on the dead. Plagues and battles. Ghosts who refuse to leave the places they once called home.

One of my favorites involves the actual lay out of the original Savannah, the historic downtown squares. The whole downtown area is laid out in a grid fashion, with roads running north/south or east/west, very straight and true, sometimes detouring around neat and tidy park like squares. Obviously this makes for numerous cross points- cross roads.

According to folklorists the crossroad is the location where supernatural activity abounds, the place spirits of the dead may be contacted or encountered. The repetition of cross roads in the downtown area could be simply a beacon or magnet, drawing the ghosts to our city.

In the mythology of Greece Hecate, the goddess of the dead and of witches, had her offerings left at a crossroad. In Western folklore the crossroad was the perfect place to meet up with the devil. Hoodoo belief states that crossroads could be used to summon “The Black Man”, a euphemism for a devil.

There are numerous cultures that similarly believe in the magic power of the crossroad, from Romania to Ireland to Brazil. 

Come to Savannah, hang out at one of the numerous crossroads and maybe you will be the next person to experience something supernatural.


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