The truly unique and unusual- Graveface Museum

Graveface Museum

In downtown Savannah, just steps from bustling River Street, we offer a fascinating trip down the rabbit hole of the macabre, Graveface Museum.

Graveface Museum is a wonderful collection of oddities, focusing on topics such as True Crime, cults, carnival sideshows, UFOs and the foundation of every living entity, bones. 

The True Crime collection will thrill any person interested in serial killers. Jim Jones sunglasses? They have them! Charlie Manson’s sweatpants? They have them! They also have a great number of John Wayne Gacy’s paintings. 

The finale of this magnificent collection is a room of horror themed pinball machines that you can actually play. 

They also offer tee shirts, pins and other wonderful paraphernalia for sale if you want a souvenir from your visit.

Plan on at least two hours to soak all this in. Usually open on selected days, 12-7. Call at 912-335-8018 to confirm hours.

The address is 401 East Lower Factors Walk. Factors Walk is behind the buildings facing the river and has a twisted history of it’s own, including assaults, prostitution, and rowdy sailors, though this is far in it’s past. 

Can’t get enough of Graveface? Take a short drive out of downtown Savannah to the hip and fun Starland District, less than ten minutes away and you can check out Graveface Records and Curiosities at 5 West 40th, just off Bull Street. This jam packed retail shop has vinyl records, books and yet more bones!


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